Hair Plus salon in ws nc is HORRIBLE !!

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I made an apt and told the women i wanted red and blone highlights.I showed up for my apt and first of all the lady behind the counter was rude and then when the stylist came to the front she said ok you can come back.

She gave me this dirty looked and said so you want red and blonde highlights? I said yes , she said what color is your hair while shes lookin at my hair color, I said black. She said o well I cant make your hair blonde with it being black I tld her I had blonde high lights in my black haor before. She got an attitude and saod well I cant do it, I said well I will go somehwere someone can do it.

She didnt say I will try or anything she just said ok.

If you dont know what the *** your doing then dont be a hairstylist !!Do not go there to get color!!


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If you have box colored your hair black it is too much of a liability to try to put blond and ref highlights in one appointment. I would not have done it either- however I would have explained how we could put some brown and see how the integrity of the hair is- then making a decision about the next steps

Hair Plus Salon - Hair plus northwoods I asked for light ashblonde with highlights and got dark chocolate brown with

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I walked in ask for dishwater blonde with highlights that it usually cost me around 125.00 to 150.00 how much were the service be approximately...She stated that she may have to remove all color and then drop color in I agreed and said ok..

Apon putting the chemical on my head and waiting...30 mins. My hair was a dark chocolate brown..(darker then when I came in originally to "make myself a blonde"). I commented on how dark it was... She stated that it would fade and the highlights would lighten it up!

I stated that I didn't want 2.00 hooker stiles( thick and white). She stated they would be a Carmel color Really? I said yes.she then put foils on my head and by the time she had finished my forehead was sweaty... I lifted up the foil to let air in...

And noticed how white the highlights were. I called her over... She stated that was the first one she had done. And stated that she was going to have to use a toner.

She went and asked her manager something and thru come and look at my hair trying to figure out what was wrong... They asked quietly ask for help unless something is wrong! the put the toner in and I almost cried this wasnt what I wanted... I complained how dark it was and she stated it will fade...

The manager helped her ring up something and I commented again about dark it was...

And she again verified it when I stated let me guess it will fade...So now I'm out 125.00 and my hair hasn't faded...

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Hair Plus Salon - Hair Plus Winston-Salem NC

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Do not go to sytlist named Kat.She put red highlights in my hair that faded to orange in less than 24 hours.

Went back and was told this was normal. If I had been advised that the color would leave my hair that quickly then I wouldn't have had it done. Great haircut but sorry overpriced hair color.She wanted to put another permanent hair color on top of this but it wasn't the color I wanted. Stylists should inform people before they bleach and strip them of their natural color add a color that won't last 24hours.

I'm upset that now I have a color that isn't there and will need to be redone in less than a couple of days unless I want to look like I'm ready for Halloween.

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